About Us


Digital Art India Pvt. Ltd. is a corporate design firm delivering impeccable design solutions to industries across several verticals, with operation in India and Singapore. Our expertise includes 3D Visualisations, Realistic Renderings with Global Illumination Lighting Systems, Multimedia Presentations and Corporate Films.

Since our inception in 1994, we have consistently evolved in synchrony with the global trends. To deliver design solutions that surpass industry standards, we use some of the latest emerging technologies in the world. It is the superior quality we deliver that assures clients a robust return on their investments.

Director’s Message

Digital Art for me is an enterprise guided by vision and driven by passion. In an era that is governed by technology I have been trying to design a working model that shows human excellence enhanced by advanced science and that is possible only when there is a well-integrated team - a team wherein all members have individual skills and a common goal to supersede earlier achievements. So, I have always been insistent on having, not just a benchmark, but a Surpass Mark which prompts us to break our own records of performance.

Though work at Digital Art is highly reliant on technology, it requires a profound artistic perspective and true art shall thrive only in an atmosphere conducive to creativity. At Digital Art India team members are always encouraged to go beyond their existing area of expertise and explore new avenues in designing. And it is evident that this belief has helped them hone skills beyond their earlier assumptions. Having a work-life balance has helped ‘Team Digital Art’ to experience a more enriched life, professionally as well as personally.

It encourages me to look for more lucrative projects that are artistically satisfying. It stimulates me to make more value additions to everyone associated with the company. It is because of this healthy working ambience we have cultivated here that I always feel motivated to keep an eye on the next vital turn that is taking place in the world. And I am sure, armed with such spirit, we shall always be the harbingers of change; forever equipped to explore major breakthroughs and bring them out for the benefit of society.